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Vietnam Visa for Australian Citizens

About Vietnam Visa for Australian Citizens

The Vietnam visa online is an electronic entry permit issued for all eligible foreign travelers. It was introduced in 2017 by the Vietnamese authorities to improve the application process and monitor the number of incoming tourists.

With the eVisa, you can enter Vietnam once for 30 daysfor purposes including tourism, business, and transit. It allows you to meet with relatives, enjoy holidays, participate in business conferences, or conduct negotiations.

The visa application process is uncomplicated and effortless. To be given the Vietnam eVisa, fill in the registration form and pay the processing fee. As soon as the document is approved, it will be sent to your e-mail address in PDF form.

It is essential that every person traveling to Vietnam has a separate electronic visa. Children should also have the relevant Vietnamese entry permit.

Types of Vietnam visas for Australian citizens

There are three types of Vietnam visa Australian citizens may apply for. The documents differ in the activities you are allowed to perform with them.

Vietnam Tourist Visa

The Vietnam Tourist Visa is issued for travelers who wish to meet with their friends and family or plan to enjoy their vacation. This document remains valid for 1 month from the approval date and allows for a single 30 days long visit.

Vietnam Business Visa

Each Australian passport holder who wishes to participate in conferences, workshops, or seminars in Vietnam should apply for the Vietnam Business Visa. The single-entry permit is valid for 1 month from the issuing date and gives you a chance to spend up to 30 days in Vietnam.

Vietnam Transit Visa

The Vietnam Transit Visa is created for those intending to pass through Vietnam while traveling to another final destination.

Application for a Vietnam eVisa from Australia

The visa application for the electronic entry permit to Vietnam is very convenient. The entire procedure takes place online so you can obtain the document from your home. Remember to check before registration if your electronic device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) is connected to the Internet.

The Vietnamese visa application can be made in a few easy steps:

  1. mark the purpose of your travel (tourism, business, or transit)
  2. complete the form with relevant data (personal and passport information)
  3. upload the required files (face photo and scan of your valid passport bio-page)
  4. pay the compulsory visa fee (use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal)

Your authorized Vietnam eVisa will be delivered to your e-mail address in PDF form when approved. It is essential to print it out before your journey abroad since immigration officers accept paper copies only.

It is also advised to double-check the completed application form for any errors and mistakes. If there are any discrepancies detected, your visa inquiry will be rejected.

Vietnam eVisa processing time and fees for Australian citizens

Once you apply for the Vietnam online visa, you may be asked to wait a few days for the document to be approved. When your visa is authorized, it will be sent to you electronically.

There are three Vietnam visa types you may apply for – Tourist Visa, Business eVisa, and Tranist eVisa. For each permit, you must pay the processing fee of 79 EUR. Cover the payment using a debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

How long can citizens of Australia stay in Vietnam with an eVisa?

The electronic Vietnam visa remains valid for 1 month from the issuing date. With the permit, you may spend up to 30 days in the country, relaxing during holidays or participating in business activities.

You must leave Vietnam before your visa expires. Overstaying can result in getting a fine or being deported.

It is possible to request a visa extension if you wish to spend more time in Vietnam. To do so, contact the Immigration Department Office – you will be asked to schedule a visit at the office and cover the additional visa fee.

Requirements for a Vietnam eVisa from Australia

The Vietnam visa requirements are not very demanding. The nationals of Australia may apply for the Vietnamese eVisa if they have the following:

  • passport valid for at least 6 months from the planned arrival date
  • copy of the passport’s bio-data page
  • formal biometric photo of the applicant’s face

No additional documentation is needed.

On arrival in the country, the immigration officers will ask you to present a passport you used during the registration procedure and a printed copy of the approved Vietnam visa.

Remember that your passport should remain valid throughout your entire stay abroad. If it expires early, your eVisa to Vietnam will also be considered invalid.

Vietnam Visa for Australian Citizens